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Position Title: Business Development Coordinator

Location: Remote

Introduction: We are looking for business development coordinators to assist our team! As we are going through a major business pivot partly due to our in-person fundraisers being canceled due to COVID-19, we have also gotten feedback from investors and at pitch competitions that our previous business model was not sustainable or “investable”. So, we are exploring another option to create an accredited, insurable fitness certification for practitioners to successfully engage at-risk or homeless populations with movement (fitness/yoga). 


* Job Description *

You may help us: 

  • Describe our customer/user segments: Create a persona that allows the public to understand who will pay for our products/services (For whom does the project create economic values? Who is the project’s target clients or target client segments? Who are the biggest clients? What is their profile?) (partially done)
  • Help us define what questions we should be asking fitness professionals to conduct effective market research
  • Describe our channels to deliver the value to our customers (How does the project reach out to the clients? Through what channels does the project distribute the products or services? Through what channels does the project communicate with the clients?)
  • Describe our economic value proposition to our customers (What needs/problems does the project address? What value does the project generate? What is the certification actually giving our clients? What are the features of the product/service? What are the advantages of the project’s offerings?) Why would someone buy the goods and services we are offering?
  • Describe the team profile necessary to launch this certification (describe the team composition including the core members, advisors, employees, etc. and their profile)
  • Define our revenue model and explain how our revenue model allows for sustainable incoming streams of income
  • Help define our next stage of growth: [highlight our growth plan including specific financial milestones, product/service extensions, location expansion, etc. and determine exactly what we need in order to achieve it? [funding, resources, etc.]


* Qualifications *

Ideally, you would have experience with: 

  • Business Development 
  • Market Research 
  • Cost Structure 
  • Revenue Model 
  • Need Identification


* Details *

  • Target finish date: May 14th
  • You will communicate with Katie Heggtveit (founder) who is more than happy to write glowing letters of recommendation for assisting us with our projects

About Bootcamps for Change: #SweatierForTheBetter: Over 1200 Youth Impacted!

Since August 2017, “Bootcamps for Change” has facilitated and organized weekly in-shelter health & fitness programs for youth experiencing homelessness in Toronto: Horizons for Youth, Eva's Initiatives & Yonge Street Mission. We have also branched out to Thunder Bay, Ontario with John Howard Society. 

Our programs allow youth to improve their physical health, mental health, and resilience. After seeing first-hand the natural athletic ability of youth we were meeting, we started the “#SweatierForTheBetter” scholarship. This funds fitness certification for homeless youth, in addition to providing any career or mentorship resources they may need. The recipients are subsequently paid by us to facilitate fitness programs to their peers in shelters, in addition to being connected with local mentorship and job opportunities. All scholarship recipients we have certified in Toronto are currently in full-time positions at LA and Goodlife Fitness in Toronto, exiting the shelter system.

Health and fitness is THE vehicle driving our ultimate goal; removing barriers for prosperous, healthy and employable youth development. We want to prevent youth in the system from becoming adults in the system.

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